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Were You Or A Loved One Involved In A Truck Accident?

Truck accidents cause some of the worst injuries of all motor vehicle accidents. That is because of the obvious size of the 18-wheeler or semitruck involved in the accident. The sheer force of being involved in an accident with a truck can cause catastrophic injuries and sometimes death. If your accident involved a truck, even a delivery or FedEx truck, it's likely that serious injuries resulted for you or your passengers.

Don't Wait. Statute Of Limitations Applies.

Injury cases in Missouri have a five-year statute of limitations that applies, so it's important to bring your injury case against the other party as soon as possible. Attorney Joe Morrey has the experience to help you seek the best results and compensation for your injury.

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Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Truckers are a special category of driver because they are often driving across country to deliver goods. They are paid by the job, so they have an incentive for arriving on time or early because then they can drop off or pick up more goods.

We see a variety of conditions which cause accidents involving trucks, including:

  • Sleep-deprived drivers who should stop for rest during a long haul trip but don't
  • Distracted drivers who may be using a cellphone or CB while driving
  • Driving too fast for road conditions, including snow, ice and rain
  • Defective equipment such as brakes malfunctioning, tire blowouts
  • Runaway trucks unable to stop on mountainous roads
  • Unbalanced load or other reason causing a truck to tip over and jack-knife blocking the roadway
  • Oil spill or other cargo spilling for the vehicle causing unsafe road conditions for passing vehicles

When Only The Best Will Do... Free Consultation With Joe Morrey

For more than 35 years, Joseph A. Morrey has been a Missouri lawyer and has assisted people in seeking maximum compensation for truck accidents resulting in serious injury cases and wrongful death claims. Call his law office to schedule your free initial consultation at 816-364-1506. You can also email the firm if that is most convenient for you. He's no ordinary Joe, and he's ready to work for you.