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Did Your Injury Occur On The Job? Call Joe.

If you were injured while you were at work, you may have a workers' compensation claim. Sometimes, employers discourage employees from filing workers' comp claims, but this is against the law.

For more than 35 years, people throughout Northwest Missouri and the greater Kansas City, Missouri area have turned to attorney Joseph A. Morrey for assistance with their workers' compensation cases. Joe believes that integrity plus experience gets results. His goal is always to achieve the maximum compensation for clients by aggressively going up against insurance companies on your behalf.

Call attorney Joe Morrey to discuss your claim at 816-364-1506. Find out what positive results can be achieved when we work together.

Don't Let Time Run Out

Missouri workers' compensation cases have a statute of limitations of two years from the date of your injury or from the last date of continuous treatment for the injury, whichever is longer. Don't let your time to make a claim run out. Call Joe.

What Does Workers' Compensation Cover?

People who are injured on the job may be able to collect compensation in several areas, including:

  • Medical bills incurred because of the work injury.
  • Lost wages for any time missed from work due to your injury.
  • Partial wage loss may be paid if you are able to return to work but not at full capacity or full time yet.
  • Retraining or education for a new field of work if you are no longer able to perform your previous job duties. For example, if you worked in construction and injured your back, you may need to be retrained for a job that does not require heavy lifting such as a desk job like an accountant or a manager.

Our lawyer Joe Morrey can also assist people with other work-related legal issues such as employment contracts, wrongful termination and discrimination cases. If your injury was caused due to someone else's negligence or a product defect, we can help you with those cases, too.

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