Claims of defective EpiPens skyrocketed over recent years

When administered in a timely manner, epinephrine is a life-saving drug for people experiencing a deadly allergic reaction. You may be like many Missouri patients who have life-threatening allergies and who carry epinephrine delivery devices at all times. Unfortunately, many of those devices might be defective.

EpiPens are perhaps the most well-knonw epinephrine injector and, more recently, the subject of a terrifying recall. According to Mylan - one of the drug's manufacturers - the faulty injectors are not directly linked to any consumer deaths. Health experts disagree.

Defective medications are dangerous

Adverse reactions can occur even when you take the proper dosage of correctly prescribed medication. Inherently, defective medications and devices are especially dangerous to patients, especially when a device involves the injection of a life-saving drug into your body.

One parent claims that her daughter's EpiPen failed completely during an allergic reaction. When she attempted to administer the epinephrine the needle bent, slicing and scarring her daughter's leg without ever injecting the needed medication. It is not clear how the situation might have unfolded if the mother had not had an extra EpiPen on hand, which she used without issue.

Despite recall, consumer complaints are on the rise

In 2017, Mylan issued a recall of some of its EpiPens, citing a defective part as putting patients at risk. Other than that, the company refuses to acknowledge the validity of ongoing consumer complaints. Mylan did, however, agree that consumer deaths are up. They disagree their products contributed to these deaths, but this may not comfort you.

However, in 2012 there were only four consumer reports of EpiPen failure. It may concern you to know that by Nov. 2017, consumers reported nearly 230 failures. Of those, at least 7 people died while another 35 required hospitalization. The Food and Drug Administration believes that these are accurate figures.

What can I do about a defective medication?

Across every industry in America, there are some companies that prioritize profits over consumer safety. Unfortunately, these companies often choose to deflect claims that their products are dangerous or defective, and instead lay blame at the feet of you, the consumer. This is not only unacceptable, but also emotionally damaging to victims.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries because of a defective medical device, you may feel alone in your struggle. You may be unsure of the best way to seek compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering or lost wages. Products liability suits are usually the most effective strategy for recovering related damages, and experienced attorneys can typically provide effective guidance through this difficult period of time.

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