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Why patients should avoid hospitals during the afternoon

Scheduling a surgery or medical procedure can be difficult for some Missouri residents, especially if they have to work around specific schedules and family needs. However, going to the hospital to have a procedure done may be more or less dangerous depending on when the procedure is scheduled. For example, there are several reasons why it is less desirable to go to the hospital during the afternoon hours.

New cancer treatment may be more effective than previous ones

Research indicates that pancreatic cancer patients may live longer if they're treated with a particular four-drug combination treatment called folfirinox rather than the standard single cancer drug. According to medical professionals not involved with the research, folfirinox is likely to become the expected standard of care in Missouri and across the country for people with early-diagnosed pancreatic cancer.

Claims of defective EpiPens skyrocketed over recent years

When administered in a timely manner, epinephrine is a life-saving drug for people experiencing a deadly allergic reaction. You may be like many Missouri patients who have life-threatening allergies and who carry epinephrine delivery devices at all times. Unfortunately, many of those devices might be defective.

New study addresses misdiagnosis of mitochondrial disease

An estimated 75,000 people in Missouri and across the U.S. suffer from mitochondrial disease, which is a rare genetic disorder. The mitochondria generate over 90 percent of the body's energy, so when these intercellular compartments become diseased, they can cause symptoms that range from weakness and fatigue to impaired coordination. The rarity of the disease combined with the heterogeneity of the symptoms leads to frequent misdiagnoses.

Mistaken diagnosis can be a major malpractice concern

For patients in Missouri, one of the most concerning aspects of going to the hospital could be the dangers posed by misdiagnosis and other kinds of medical errors. Across the United States, errors related to diagnosis are the most common source of medical malpractice claims, says a new study produced by a medical malpractice insurance company. When reviewing claims filed between 2013 and 2017, the report said that a full 33 percent related to errors made when diagnosing the patient, including misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose a severe illness such as cancer.

It's not the flu, it's flesh-eating bacteria

It sounds like a Missouri patient's worst nightmare -- being diagnosed with the flu while actually suffering devastating, life-threatening infection by so-called "flesh-eating" bacteria. However, this has been a reality for some patients who have sought medical help, according to some reports. One woman who went to a health care professional complaining of flu-like symptoms was diagnosed with the flu in January 2018. As the pain beneath her arm worsened, however, she was returned to the hospital two days later in an emergency condition.

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